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"I was overweight and tried many different diets and diet pills to help me loose weight.  None of them worked and what's worst I developed digestive problems.  And I was also always hungry.


When I started your weight management program with your personalized diet and herbal supplements, I lost 35 lbs in 2 months.  I'm feeling healthier and the heartburn that I used to suffer from also went away.

Thank you Lalai."

P. Shad

"I used to suffer from an awful pain I can't begin to describe.  I thought I was meant to remain affected with it and that there was nothing anyone could do. 

Different names were used to describe it:  Migraine, chronic headaches, low blood pressure, thyroids imbalance, etc...Meanwhile, I grew accustomed to the fact that  I was stuck with this condition and that pain killers were the only possible treatment.


Until one day, it somehow dawned on me that there might be a slight chance that I wasn't born with anything. My instincts were powerful enough to urge me to take action. 


The person who was there to uncover the truth is the person I'm forever grateful to.  Lalai was my guardian angel!

She was able to find out that I was having nothing but a magnesium deficiency!  


At first, I found it hard to believe that all I had to do was supplementing my diet with this element.  She also gave me a long list of fruits and vegetables that would provide me with magnesium, so that I could be supplemented in a natural way. 


Since I live in Germany, a very cold country, I was unable to find fresh fruit throughout the year.  So Lalai recommended supplements.  And it was exactly what I needed!


That was a year and half ago! Since then the headaches have been non-existent!


Thanks Lalai.  Innate healing heals you from within!"


Mojgan Reinhardt

Stuttgart, Germany

"For years I spent too much time, energy and money to feel better but nothing helped!  

Lalai immediately understood the root of my digestive problem after reading the nutrition analysis form she asked me to complete.  Then she helped me with a personalized diet and supplement.


Sam B.

San Fernando Valley, CA

"I was working out for a long time without ever achieving the results and muscle I wanted.  I even started increasing my protein intake.   But it wasn't really working plus I started to develop digestive problems.

Meeting you was a turning point Lalai.  I followed your instructions for diet and supplements and am now building more muscle and feel healthier overall. 

Thank you."

David A.

"I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis but decided not to take the medication when I realized the side effects.


I didn't believe nutrition and taking vitamins could help my condition. But after two months, my blood test showed that Osteoporosis was reversing!


I also saw my overall health including my constant congestion, digestion and sleeping problems improving. 


Thanks to Lalai I feel younger and more energetic.


Jaleh S.

San Fernando Valley, CA

"I'm so glad I came to you!  I always used to be tired and sluggish, which I found unexplainable considering I'm only 28 and seemingly healthy. 

But you explained to me that my diet was draining instead of energizing me.

I was eating all the wrong foods at the wrong times...You showed me that my diet wasn't giving me what my body needed and recommended supplements that have really given me a boost.

I've definitely recommended you on my friends."


Diana W.

Marina Del rey, CA

"After 20 years of suffering from Jock Itch, and many unsuccessful attempts at treating this disease, Lalai was able to help me get rid of it for good. 

In a way, I had up on this disease and had become accepting of its presence for the rest of my life.  Until Lalai showed me how this was an internal condition that had only manifested externally.   Lalai recommended a yeast free diet along with a couple of specific anti-fungal supplements to cure my disease. 

Today I am happy to report that after 20 years of suffering, thanks to Lalai, I'm 100% free of Jock Itch disease.

Thank you Lalai for everything you have done for my well-being."

Alex S.

Woodland Hills, CA